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The Epicure Cookbook

The Epicure Cookbook provides more than 130 of them! Here is a gamut of cookery, the seeker will find a choice of soups, of egg, rice, meat and fish dishes, desserts, snacks, pickles and much more. Though the range described is derived from the rich heritage of both Indian and Western cuisine, many of the recipes are Ummi Abdulla’s own creation.

Jabberwock: Beyond the World of Apu

Jabberwock: Beyond the World of Apu "In his Introduction, Hood clearly states his objectives. “[This book] aims to be no more than a critical examination of 29 works of art, based simply on the texts themselves. It is not in any way biographical, nor does it make any claim to offer film history.” Beyond the World of Apu is a fine demonstration of these assertions. In its ordered structuring and clear setting out of goals, it resembles a lengthy specialised thesis in places, but it’s also an accessible work that avoids academic jargon or the sort of “critspeak” that might distance the casual (but engaged) viewer of Ray’s films."

Beyond the World of Apu - Ultrabrown

Beyond the World of Apu - Ultrabrown: "John W Hood’s Beyond the World of Apu: The Films of Satyajit Ray, published by Orient Longman, is a very rewarding one. The essays here are elegantly and carefully written, and create a pleasantly reflective mood that somehow mirrors the experience of watching Ray’s cinema."

The Epicure Cookbook

This dish is our recent discovery, a new favourite and addition to our repertoire. On one of my aimless leapfrogging on the World Wide Web, I happened to get a glimpse of handful of recipes from ‘The Epicure Cookbook’ by Ms.Ummi Abdulla who captured the essence of Malabar cooking in her cookbooks and introduced this piquant cuisine to the world.

A revolution whose time has come

E-Governance – Case Studies
Edited by Ashok Agarwal
Published by Universities Press

THE Information Technology (IT) revolution is sweeping every corner of the globe and every facet of our life. Such is the impact of the revolutionary change that whether one is plugged in or not, most of the people have in some way or the other already been touched by the Internet. Today more and more of the transactions involve the exchange and movement of data, images and sounds, rather than physical goods. Travelling at the speed of light, these data streams ensure that at least in theory we are no more than a second away from anyone anywhere on earth. Information has already become the new determinant of power.

The strength of the book is its sweep of issues covering major ongoing e-governance projects in one volume as well as its various applications. It provides interesting appraisal of major projects like e-Sagu, the next generation cost-effective and personalized agro-advisory system, land records-related projects of various governments like Bhoomi, Dev-bhoomi and Dharitree. Two projects—Khajane of the Karnataka Government and e-Kosh of the Chhattisgarh government deal with treasury computerisation. It also discusses issues like ICT solution for NREGA, national identity scheme, postal life insurance, instant money order etc.

Ash Narain Roy

Of Travels and Conservations

Tigerland and Other Unintended Destinations
Eric Dinerstein
Published by Universities Press

Eric Dinerstein's book Tigerland and Other Unintended Destinations provides a vivid account of some incredible wild places and magical creatures that inhabit our planet. Tigerland engages the reaser's attention from the first chapter and keeps you riveted until the end. The first three chapters focus on Dinerstein's adventures and experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer and graduate student. The later chapters are accounts of Dinerstein's professional experience at the World Wildlife Fund..

Dinerstein clearly articulates the science, advocacy, and his passion for nature. He succinctly brings to our attention the many conservation problems and challenges that exist (small size of reserves, dwindling populations, poaching, illegal wildlife trade, fragmentation, logging, introduction of invasive species). Tigerland leaves the reader marvelling at the extraordinary wild places and animals that exist on our planet with the hope that the battle to save nature is worth fighting and awakens a sense of responsibility towards joining in the efforts to save earth's biodiversity.

Krithi K. Karanth

Conservation’s frontiers

Tigerland and Other Unintended Destinations
Eric Dinerstein
Published by Universities Press

“With species going extinct at the rate of one hundred per day, the chapters that follow could easily be advertised as a lament to the end of nature…”writes Eric Dinerstein in the introduction,”… Instead, this book offers a more hopeful vision of what success would look like in various ecoregions if the dreams of conservation-minded biologists came true.” How important hope and faith are! Without these we would simply stop trying to save wildlife, considering its disappearance inevitable.

In each chapter we meet people working to protect the wildlife of the world, people who prove that individuals can make a difference. His writing is laced with humour – this is humour of the flavour of that draws a quick smile or a quiet chuckle, rather than a guffaw or a long-drawn laugh. The book does describe the hopeful vision of success in various eco-regions that it promises…. …a good read ….

Kumaran Sathasivan
THE HINDU, 22 January 2008